Representative Steve Andersson passed two bills in committee today. Both pieces of legislation concern municipalities and work to ensure the most efficient processes and equal practices are applied to these communities. 

In the Executive Committee hearing today, a bill amending the state law on the Administrative Adjudication process was passed out of committee unanimously. This legislation, HB2745, allows non home rule communities to use an administrative adjudication process to deal with local ordinance violations more effectively. Administrative hearings like this are more efficient and typically more convenient to residents than requiring residents to go to the circuit court for smaller less serious matters. Andersson says “This will save homeowners time and money while insuring that properties are kept well maintained.”

HB3104 was also presented by Representative Andersson today in the Counties and Townships Committee hearing. This bill allows appropriations to be used for an immediate emergency to be made with a two-thirds vote of a county board and requires transfers of appropriations regarding personnel and capital projects to be likewise protected by a supermajority vote. This allows counties more flexibility, to be able to use money where needed while maintaining the bottom line of spending protection. Andersson says, “This legislation encourages transparency in the municipal budget process. It is a win for both the tax payers and the municipalities as this allows them to use their budget efficiently while giving the public increased visibility of these spending practices.”

The vote was unanimous for both bills and they will move forward in the House.
The Illinois House introduced a plan to rectify the $1.6 billion budget hole that has impacted subsidized child care programs, prisons, court reporters, the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled. This legislation was filed on Monday, and was presented and debated in the House of Representatives today. Representative Andersson released the following statement concerning the recent budget proposal:

“The FY15 solution requires a bi-partisan effort between the legislature and the Governor to make the tough decisions necessary to fund essential services and balance our budget. The plan that was presented to us today serves to protect several essential programs in our State, ones that serve subsidized child care programs, prisons, court reporters, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, LGDF and OSLAD funds. These areas are necessary to the success of our State and will continue to exist because of the current plan presented. This plan will help solve the emergency situation we are currently in regarding the state finances, and is necessary to provide future flexibility for the State moving forward. ”
Yesterday, Representative Steve Andersson welcomed Ryan Buening to Springfield. Ryan served as Rep. Andersson’s Page for the Day in the General Assembly, and was recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Ryan is a resident of St. Charles and is pictured below with Representative Andersson.


Today Representative Steve Andersson passed his first bill in the legislature. As a freshman member in the 99th General Assembly, Representative Andersson was excited to reach this milestone. The bill, House Bill 2744 (HB2744) promotes orderly growth between adjacent municipalities and lessens the risk that litigation will break out between municipalities over boundary lines. By reducing conflicts at the local level, it will increase positive growth state-wide. Andersson said “As development rebounds following the recession, more growth will naturally cause friction between communities. This bill reduces misunderstandings and encourages the smart growth of our communities.”

With 113 voting yes for the bill, it passed in the House of Representatives. Representative Andersson appreciates the support for this piece of legislation, and is grateful to start off his tenure in the General Assembly on such a positive note. “It is inspiring to see this progress and have the opportunity to continue to make change that will positively impact our communities.”

Representative Andersson has other legislation in the works that will promote better government, improve the policies of local and state governments and work towards bringing Illinois back to its prime. He looks forward to these bills moving in the House.
Today, Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) presented his first bill in committee. House Bill 2744 (HB2744) amends the Illinois Municipal Code and provides that it shall not be considered a "conflict" under this Section when a municipality that is a party to a jurisdictional boundary line agreement cedes property within its own jurisdiction to another municipality not a party to the same jurisdictional boundary line agreement.

HB2744 will insure that orderly growth can occur between adjacent municipalities and lessens the risk that litigation will break out between municipalities over boundary lines. Andersson said “As development rebounds following the recession, more growth will naturally cause friction between communities. This bill reduces misunderstandings and encourages the smart growth of our communities.”

The bill won unanimous approval in today’s Cities and Villages Committee hearing. Representative Andersson looks forward to presenting future bills in committee, and further moving his government reform legislation in the 99th General Assembly.

Representative Steve Andersson was appointed yesterday to the House Education Task Force, a committee that will look into SB1: The Illinois School Funding Reform Act of 2015. This act has been reintroduced from last year’s Senate Bill 16, a proposal to replace Illinois’ General State Aid formula with a newer, need basted system. This new bill will expand upon the initial legislation, due to conversations with local superintendents, educators and parents statewide. SB1 seeks to give Illinois school Districts with significant low-income populations more combined funding from state, local, and federal sources. The House Education Task Force will oversee several aspects of the legislation moving forward.
Representative Andersson was honored to be named to this task force, and is ready for the challenge of passing this new and improved legislation, “The current education funding system is outdated and desperately needs to be reviewed. The task force will review this legislation and ensure that the most efficient and effective system can be in place to benefit Education as a whole, statewide.”
State Representative Steve Andersson will be hosting mobile office hours throughout the 65th District to give constituents more opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns, and meet the district office staff.

The first mobile hours event will be next Tuesday, March 10th at Del Webb’s Sun City Huntley, 12880 Del Webb Blvd., from 11:30AM to 1:30PM. In addition, hours will also be offered on Wednesday, March 11th at the Batavia City Hall, 100 North Island Avenue, from 10:00AM to 12:00PM.

No appointment is needed, and office hours are open to all residents near the designated locations. Being an accessible resource to the community has always been important for Representative Andersson, “I want the people of the 65th District to know that my office is always available to assist constituents with State services. While the office location is not convenient for everyone in the district, hosting office hours throughout the district will allow everyone in all the communities of the 65th to access these services. I will continue to host these office hours throughout the year, so please stop by with questions or concerns and take advantage of this opportunity.”

Free notary services will also be available at these office hours. If you have any further questions, please contact the district office.

State Representative Steve Andersson’s district office is officially open. Andersson was sworn in as State Representative of the 65th District in January, and has since been handling constituent issues, and filing legislation while waiting for office renovations to be completed.

The new office is now open for business and is located in the heart of Geneva: 127 S. First Street, Suite 204. The office is open Monday through Thursday 8:00AM to 4:30PM, and on Fridays by appointment. In addition to providing constituents services, notary services are also available.

Rep. Andersson would like to thank all of the constituents who have already voiced concerns with issues in the 65th District, and wants to continue to be a known resource for those in the community. As a new member of the 99th General Assembly, Representative Andersson takes his role seriously to be the voice of the people in his district. Andersson further encourages residents of the 65th District to visit his website to learn more, and contact the office with any other questions or concerns. With the right team and work environment in place, Representative Andersson is focused on making positive change for the community and the State of Illinois as a whole.
State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) recently filed his first bills. As a new member of the 99th General Assembly, Andersson’s bills are government reform initiatives that promote better government, improve the policies of local and state governments and work towards bringing Illinois back to its prime. Andersson’s government reform platform surrounds the following initiatives: creating term limits, a fair map amendment, anti-lobbying for legislators, ending legislative pensions and limiting the influence of money on elections. All the reforms are designed to create a legislature that is made of citizen legislators who stay for a limited period of time and then return to their homes and careers. It discourages persons who want to become time politicians. Specifically, the bills are as follows:

Term Limits: HJRCA28 proposes to amend the Legislature and Executive Articles of the Illinois Constitution. Andersson’s amendment would limit the time a legislator can serve to a maximum of 12 years, or a combination of those offices for more than 16 years. In addition, a person may not serve more than 2 terms within the Office of the Governor and cannot serve more than 3 terms within the same Executive Branch office. Andersson believes term limits are necessary in order to promote the very essence of legislating, to broaden the pool of those who want to serve and limit the power of those on the inside.

Redistricting: HJRCA27 proposes to amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois Constitution concerning redistricting. This amendment involves Representative Districts being decoupled from Legislative Districts, the appointment of a Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission, new criteria for redistricting plans, and the approval of plans by Senate and House resolutions. Andersson’s amendment will create a fair map for the legislative districts and ensure that moving forward all re-districting is a standard effective process.

Ethics-Legislator Lobbying Ban: HB 3106 amends the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. Prohibits a former legislator, during the 2-year period immediately after the termination of his or her term of office, from: (1) engaging in lobbying, if he or she accepts compensation specifically attributable to such lobbying; or (2) accepting employment with a lobbying entity. This amendment further provides that the restrictions imposed do not apply to a former legislator from lobbying without compensation, but also contains a penalty provision for violating this lobbying restriction.

Election Code- Limiting the influence of money on elections: HB 3107 amends the election code to move the date of the primary to July (from March). Andersson finds that doing so "shortens the election cycle which reduces the amount of time (and therefore money) that can be spent influencing elections by special interests. Additionally it allows elected officials to spend more time legislating (i.e. their job) and less time campaigning for the next election cycle."

Pension Code: HB2747 amends the General Assembly Article of the Illinois Pension Code, and restricts participation in the General Assembly Retirement System by members of the General Assembly to persons who become participants before January 1, 2016 and provides that, beginning on that date, the System shall not accept any new participants who are members of the General Assembly. As a newly elected Representative to the 99th General Assembly, Andersson denied his pension, keeping his campaign promise to constituents.

Representative Andersson is looking forward to moving this legislation in the 99th General Assembly and creating more efficient government processes for the State of Illinois.