Andersson Passes First Bill


Today Representative Steve Andersson passed his first bill in the legislature. As a freshman member in the 99th General Assembly, Representative Andersson was excited to reach this milestone. The bill, House Bill 2744 (HB2744) promotes orderly growth between adjacent municipalities and lessens the risk that litigation will break out between municipalities over boundary lines. By reducing conflicts at the local level, it will increase positive growth state-wide. Andersson said “As development rebounds following the recession, more growth will naturally cause friction between communities. This bill reduces misunderstandings and encourages the smart growth of our communities.”

With 113 voting yes for the bill, it passed in the House of Representatives. Representative Andersson appreciates the support for this piece of legislation, and is grateful to start off his tenure in the General Assembly on such a positive note. “It is inspiring to see this progress and have the opportunity to continue to make change that will positively impact our communities.”

Representative Andersson has other legislation in the works that will promote better government, improve the policies of local and state governments and work towards bringing Illinois back to its prime. He looks forward to these bills moving in the House.

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