Representative Andersson Named to House Education Task Force

Representative Steve Andersson was appointed yesterday to the House Education Task Force, a committee that will look into SB1: The Illinois School Funding Reform Act of 2015. This act has been reintroduced from last year’s Senate Bill 16, a proposal to replace Illinois’ General State Aid formula with a newer, need basted system. This new bill will expand upon the initial legislation, due to conversations with local superintendents, educators and parents statewide. SB1 seeks to give Illinois school Districts with significant low-income populations more combined funding from state, local, and federal sources. The House Education Task Force will oversee several aspects of the legislation moving forward.
Representative Andersson was honored to be named to this task force, and is ready for the challenge of passing this new and improved legislation, “The current education funding system is outdated and desperately needs to be reviewed. The task force will review this legislation and ensure that the most efficient and effective system can be in place to benefit Education as a whole, statewide.”

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