Representative Andersson Passes County Budget Appropriations Legislation

Today Representative Andersson passed another piece of legislation in the House, HB3104. This legislation had previously passed unanimously in the Counties and Townships Committee and with today’s vote will now move on to the Senate.

This legislation concerns county budget appropriations and serves to clarify an existing process used in local government procedures. It allows designated appropriations to be used in an emergency situation with a two-thirds vote of approval from the county board. It also requires transfers of appropriations involving capital and personnel to be also approved by a supermajority vote of a county board. Representative Andersson clarified the specifics of this legislation on the House floor today, and eased any concerns about the limitations on appropriations allowed to be transferred. In that regard, transfers may only be made if the total amount appropriated for the fund is not affected. This allows money to be used where it is needed while maintaining the bottom line of spending protection.

Andersson says, “this legislation increases local government transparency. The emergency stipulations stated in this legislation are already in place. This legislation was requested by local government leaders to further clarify an already existing process. This allows counties to efficiently use their budget while giving taxpayers increased transparency of the spending practices.”

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