Andersson Reacts to Piecemeal Budget Amendments

Today, Illinois House Republicans sent a message to House Democrats on a $2.7 billion piecemeal spending plan that selectively targeted specific human services line items for restoration. Weary of the process, Republicans unanimously voted “Present” on all the legislation with the intention of sending a strong message that this broken budget process was unacceptable. Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) released the following statement in reaction to the action.

“Today’s votes on part of the State’s fiscal year 2016 budget was disappointing and should cause all citizens great concern about how we govern. The Democrat leadership decided to piecemeal portions of the budget, ignore the entire budgeting process, and ram through spending without any reasoned review or consideration. This budget bill was not negotiated or discussed, and is a disappointing display of all that is wrong in Springfield.”

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