Representative Andersson Joins Colleagues in Call for Term Limits

Today, the freshman House Republican members held a press conference in the Capitol to discuss term limits in the General Assembly. While the past few weeks have involved difficult partisan debates, there seemed no better time for a decisive call for term limits in Springfield.

Representative Andersson spoke at this morning’s conference to express the need for term limits in the General Assembly. As a freshman legislator, one of Andersson’s first bills filed concerned term limits. Andersson is the Chief Sponsor of HJRCA 28, which would limit the time a legislator can serve to a maximum of 12 years, or a combination of offices for more than 16 years. In addition, the bill restricts a person to no more than 2 terms within the Office of the Governor and cannot serve more than 3 terms within the same Executive Branch office. However, this bill was sent to the Rules Committee the day after it was filed in March and has been bottled up there ever since.

Andersson believes term limits are necessary to promote the very essence of legislating; to broaden the pool of those who want to serve and limit the power of those on the inside. It is this process that would create better government for Illinois.

“The people want bi-partisan government, not a one party rule. The only way to make this change is through real reform, and the time is now. We are in a gridlock, and finding balance and dialogue on legislation has become increasingly more difficult. We cannot stand to lose effectiveness in our government, and I have great faith that we can make change.”

In addition to Andersson’s legislation, House Republicans have filed two other amendments aimed at imposing term limits in Illinois: HJRCA1 filed by Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), and HJRCA 10 filed by Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford).

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