Andersson Responds to Short Term Budget Plan

State Representative Steve Andersson spoke today on the House floor during the debate of Senate Bill 2040, legislation that would create a temporary one month budget for the state. As a budget solution has not yet been met, this bill seeks to provide a short term solution.

Representative Andersson described this bill as a hard vote, and one that is tempting but in reality does not solve our state’s biggest problem. He further stated that this legislation is not a step in the right direction, but rather a cruel move that sends the wrong message to the people of Illinois.

Andersson said, “Over promising is cruel. The budget is still $4 billion out of balance, and these short term fixes just delay the problem. We need to prioritize our budget because we cannot have it all, and we need to get back to real negotiations. While my temptation is to vote yes, I must vote no.”

You can hear more of Representative Andersson’s remarks in the below video.