Andersson Meets With Midwife Advocates

Today, State Representative Steve Andersson met with a midwifery group made up of residents in the 65th district and outlying communities. The group met to discuss possible legislation that would help them increase access to home births in Illinois, and work to make certified professional midwifes an official licensure. The group sought him out to explain their pursuit of legislation to help their cause.

The midwifery group recognized the need to balance both consumer needs and medical requirements. Above all, they believe that mothers should have options in terms of birth, and that mothers deserve the right to decide where they give birth whether it is at a hospital or at home.

Andersson is open to their ideas, and wanted to gain as much knowledge as he could from the group before further pursing action. He said, “there is convincing data as well as driving principals that make this an interesting topic for legislation. I look forward to exploring this further.”