Andersson Visits Northern Illinois Food Bank

Representative Steve Andersson recently visited the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva, a non-profit organization that collects donated food from manufacturers, local groceries, corporations, foundations, and individuals. On his visit, Rep. Andersson listened to a panel of leaders from suburban libraries, after school programs, and local food pantries, who explained the effect hunger has on local communities, and the ways that we can help fight hunger.

After the panel, Rep. Andersson took a tour of the food bank facility. He even spent time volunteering at the center to gain a better understanding of all the work behind the operation. Rep. Andersson was grateful for the opportunity, "It is amazing to see how many different organizations and institutions have taken their own initiative to help fight hunger in our communities. They have recognized that hunger is a problem, and have worked together with our Northern Food Bank to help solve it. Being able to see this facility and all the work behind it is inspiring-there are so many individuals coming together to donate food, funds, and time, and are truly committed to end hunger in Illinois."

The Northern Illinois Food Bank provided over 57 million meals last year to those in need. To find out more about how you can contribute, visit their website at www.solvehungertoday.com.