Representative Steve Andersson recently hosted a forum on clean energy.  The event brought together constituents in the area, and featured other panelists from various backgrounds who provided insightful information about clean energy, and the Clean Jobs bill:  House Bill 2607.  While the bill already has a great amount of bipartisan support, both Representative Andersson and Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) were on hand to answer any questions and provide further legislative insight on the bill.  The meeting brought together a wide variety of advocates from different sectors in the community, from government to business, to interest groups like the Sierra Club.

Andersson, a current co-sponsor of the legislation, was interested in hosting a clean energy forum in order to further engage with constituents and see where their interests lie.  “The clean jobs bill could provide great opportunities for our state.  It can help create new markets and new business, and this bill would make that possible.  It is a great thing for our area and community to have such a great turn out at this forum, to have so many interested in helping our state achieve this large vision that the clean energy bill could provide us with.”

Representative Steve Andersson recently nominated two organizations in his district to receive a special award from AT&T.  The Geneva History Museum and the Huntley Historical Society won AT&T “Investing in Illinois Awards” for their non-profit work to help people in Illinois.  Each organization received $1,000 from AT&T to help continue preservation efforts in these two communities. The AT&T “Investing in Illinois Awards” provide resources and recognition to organizations and programs that improve lives in their communities and the state. They’re advancing education, economic growth, new technologies and other essential community services.  AT&T Inc. has worked to advance education, strengthen communities and improve lives. Through its community initiatives, AT&T has a long history of investing in projects that create learning opportunities; promote academic and economic achievement; or address community needs.

Yesterday, both the Huntley Historical Society and the Geneva History Museum received their awards, and celebrated their achievement with members of their staff, Representative Andersson, and John Quinn from AT&T. Representative Andersson nominated the Geneva History Museum and the Huntley Historical Society for the recognition from AT&T Illinois.  “Both the Geneva History Museum and the Huntley Historical Society are important assets in our community.  They serve to protect historical landmarks and preserve our community’s rich history while also working to engage our residents.  This generous award from AT&T will help them in their efforts, and I congratulate them on this great achievement.”

Today Representative Andersson served as “Principal for the Day” at Fox Meadow Elementary School in South Elgin.  His day started before the students arrived, when he met with a group of teachers and listened to their concerns about classroom sizes, special education, and testing.  After the students arrived, Representative Andersson was in charge of saying the Pledge of Allegiance and reading the announcements over the school intercom.  With the guidance of Fox Meadow’s principal, Sjoukje Brown, he then toured the school, and was able to spend time in every classroom to discuss with students the work he does as a State Representative.  Andersson received some especially entertaining answers from the students as to which laws they would like passed in the General Assembly.  Andersson led a discussion on government to an assembly of fourth graders, where he was able to explain in further detail the legislative process. Andersson finished his day as Principal with a visit to the kindergarten, where he was the guest reader for story time!  He read the newest book from the ‘Pete the Cat’ book series, a personal favorite to the class, and one that he also gifted to the classroom so they can continue to read it again and again.

Representative Andersson was invited to participate in the Principal for the Day program by the Illinois Principals association.  It was an event that Andersson was looking forward to, in order to gain more understanding of one of the schools in the community of District 65. “It was great to see the enthusiasm and energy of each class, and I especially enjoyed the questions from the students.  It is always encouraging to see so much interest in our state government from bright young students in our community.”

Representative Steve Andersson hosted his first advisory council meeting at his district office in Geneva. The meeting served as an introductory session where the Representative described the purpose of the council and his goals in creating it. 

"I want this council to serve as an outlet for residents, where they can voice their concerns about our state and have direct access to me, so I can more adequately address and represent their concerns in Springfield. As much outreach as we do, it is difficult to get feedback regularly, and the advisory council will help me receive regular feedback so I can be more effective at my job."

The first meeting was a success and Andersson received a lot of positive input from the group and as the group had diverse opinions, there was a spirited debate that all enjoyed and participated in. There will be more meetings to come, and the council will touch on various topics such as seniors, veterans, economic expansion, small business, and Swedish-Americans.

For all those who were unable to attend the first meeting, there is still time to join, and share your questions and concerns with the Representative. You can contact the district office at (630) 457-5460 for more information and find out how you can be involved in this great opportunity.

IL State Budget

Unfortunately, there has not been much progress with our state budget negotiations in the General Assembly, and the state continues to operate without a FY16 budget in place.  At this point, we are reaching the third month without a spending plan for the fiscal year.  While the House was back in Springfield last week, an overall spending plan or budget agreement was not discussed.  One bill, Senate Bill 2046, was presented in the House for consideration, and although it moved on for further action on the floor, Governor Rauner has stated his intent to veto any piecemeal budget bills that would overspend anticipated revenues by billions of dollars.  Senate Bill 2046, would do just that, and is a large appropriations bill that designates over $4 billion to various social services in the state.

ALERT: Secretary of State to End Mailed Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminders

Another important update regarding the budget comes from the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, who recently announced that due to the lack of a state budget, his office will be suspending the mailing out of vehicle registration renewal reminder notices.  Those who want to continue receiving a reminder must sign-up to receive electronic reminder notices.
When making the announcement, White noted that suspending this service will save approximately $450,000 per month, and allows his office to prolong the mailing out of vehicle registration renewal stickers, titles and license plates to vehicle owners. According to White, unless a budget is approved, his postage account will be completely depleted in a few months.

I would encourage all residents to be aware of the date for renewal of their vehicle registrations, but to also sign-up for the email notifications without delay.  The link to sign up is here https://www.ilsos.gov/greenmail.   While those who receive emailed vehicle registration renewal notices will continue to have access to a pin number needed to renew their sticker online, those who do not sign up for the electronic alerts will now have to renew their vehicle stickers in person at a Secretary of State office.  Please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Events:

Advisory Council Meeting
I am hosting the first meeting of my Advisory Council on October 15th in my district office, located at 127 S. First Street, Suite 204, in Geneva.  I wanted to create an Advisory Council to gather constituents and discuss important issues affecting our community.  The Council will be made up of several focus groups:  Seniors, Veterans, Small Business, Economic Expansion, and Swedish-American.  If you are interested in participating in the Advisory Council, please call my legislative aide, Michelle, at (630) 457-5460 to RSVP.  I encourage all interested residents to join, and help inform me of the issues important to you.

The ABC’s of Medicare
Open Enrollment for Medicare begins October 15th and closes on December 7th.  I am hosting a free community education event to help our residents better understand Medicare and answer any questions you may have.  Two Medicare experts will be there to guide us through the Medicare maze, and I encourage all residents to come learn more!  The event will be held on Friday, November 6th at the St. Charles Public Library from 2—4:00PM.  Please contact my district office to RSVP for the event at (630) 457-5460.