Clean Energy Forum a Success

Representative Steve Andersson recently hosted a forum on clean energy.  The event brought together constituents in the area, and featured other panelists from various backgrounds who provided insightful information about clean energy, and the Clean Jobs bill:  House Bill 2607.  While the bill already has a great amount of bipartisan support, both Representative Andersson and Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) were on hand to answer any questions and provide further legislative insight on the bill.  The meeting brought together a wide variety of advocates from different sectors in the community, from government to business, to interest groups like the Sierra Club.

Andersson, a current co-sponsor of the legislation, was interested in hosting a clean energy forum in order to further engage with constituents and see where their interests lie.  “The clean jobs bill could provide great opportunities for our state.  It can help create new markets and new business, and this bill would make that possible.  It is a great thing for our area and community to have such a great turn out at this forum, to have so many interested in helping our state achieve this large vision that the clean energy bill could provide us with.”