Andersson Presents The ABC's of Medicare

State Representative Steve Andersson hosted an informational seminar on Medicare recently. The free educational event was held at the St. Charles Public Library, and open to the public, in order to provide a great resource to residents on how to navigate the often confusing process of enrolling for Medicare.

Medicare is complex, and Andersson brought in two experts on the matter to explain in detail what the program entails, as well as thoroughly address any questions or concerns.

“Because Medicare and the enrollment process can be daunting, I wanted to bring in accessible in person resources to explain the process and walk through the Medicare coverage plans to alleviate any concerns for new participants and make sure everyone has the best understanding of the various options available.”

Open enrollment for Medicare is available through December 17th. Should you have any further questions on the enrollment process or any further concerns on Medicare, feel free to contact Representative Andersson’s district office at (630) 457-5460.