Today, Representative Steve Andersson asked for a moment of silence on the floor of the House of Representatives to acknowledge and remember those affected by the November 13th terror attacks in Paris.  In total, 130 people were killed during the attack, and over 350 who were injured, and this was a moment to not only remember those people, but also honor them.  For Andersson, the devastation in Paris hit very close to home, as his wife grew up in the city.

“To me and to the world, the Paris attack was different for what it represents. Other great world cities may represent many things; business, finance, or trade, but Paris is the heart of culture.  The center of all of those things that represent what civilization strives to be:  art, theater, architecture, cuisine, fashion, literature—it is the literal incarnation of creativity.  To attack Paris is to attack that which is best in our world, best at what we can aspire to.”

While the world has been in a state of shock in the aftermath of the recent attack, Andersson noted that we must remember and mourn those we lost, but also remember that we will prevail. In an effort to honor the victims, Andersson took the time to learn a little about each one of them.  He discussed one in particular, and you can see more of his remarks about Paris in the video below.