Today Governor Bruce Rauner gave his State of the State Address to the General Assembly. Governor Rauner acknowledged that although 2015 has been a tough year, and despite the budget impasse, the General Assembly still needs to move forward and work to make Illinois government more efficient and effective. Today, he noted several initiatives that will help us improve our state—starting with reforms to turn around our economy and restore trust in government. Representative Andersson supports the Governor’s continued commitment to transform state government, and do what is right for the long term future of Illinois.

“I applaud the Governor on his passion to improve Illinois, and his willingness to work together in compromise and bipartisanship in order to achieve results. While there is much we must accomplish this year, this is a great start and I commend his effort to motivate our assembly and call for us to work together to return a state of balance in Illinois.”

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Executive Order 16-01, which creates the Illinois Department on Innovation and Technology (DoIT). This new state agency will work to transform the state’s information technology functions into one agency to provide better service to Illinois residents and businesses.

This agency will modernize Illinois' out of date technology systems to create faster and more efficient services for our residents. In order to do so, DoIT will create a strategic, statewide technology plan to modernize our state’s current system and accelerate the process.

While there has been some consolidation of technology services at the state level, each agency was left in charge of developing its own technology solutions. That created a patchwork of systems that were often redundant, and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Our existing computers could not communicate with each other. Insuring that our various agencies can communicate with each other will reduce the opportunities for waste, fraud and abuse. Now, decisions and spending will be consolidated under this one agency; a move that will save taxpayer dollars.
The Department of Homeland Security recently acted to extend the Real ID compliance deadline in Illinois until January 22, 2018. This means that your state driver’s license will still be a valid form of identification for boarding an aircraft until then.

While it has been over ten years since the Real ID act was signed into law, many states have resisted and are still resisting the unfunded federal mandate. According to the Secretary of State’s office, Real ID implementation in Illinois will cost $57.3 million dollars over its first four years.

Illinois was granted an extension until January 22, 2018 because of the Illinois’ Secretary of State’s office, and their numerous and ongoing improvements to the integrity and security of the process for issuing driver’s licenses and security features on the cards themselves. Yet, despite these increased efforts, Illinois was not given another extension past 2018.