Andersson Applauds Governor's Call for Revenue and Reform in State Budget Address

Today Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his annual Budget Address to members of the General Assembly. With no budget agreement in place yet, Governor Rauner called upon the legislators to come together in the spirit of compromise, to do what is right for the tax payers of Illinois. He stated that he is ready to negotiate, and the time for action is now.

Representative Andersson thought the Governor’s message today was honest and direct. Andersson found the Governor’s assessment of the current situation to be quite accurate, and hopes it will motivate legislators to get to work.

“Today the Governor presented us with a realistic approach to the State budget. I support his call for action, and agree that it is time to act—it is our responsibility to have a balanced budget, to help move the state forward and responsibly address our situation. We cannot go on like this, and do nothing like we have done this past year. We must pass a balanced budget and create reforms that will grow the economy and increase revenues.”

Andersson is ready to work to solve the problems at hand, and like the Governor discussed, talk about revenue and cuts in the budget before any spending measures are approved. “It is essential that we work together to get our state budget in order, and I am ready to do something, to act to move our state forward and get our finances back on track.”

More of Andersson’s reaction to Governor Rauner’s Budget Address can be seen in the video below.