Procurement Reform Legislation to Help Cut State Costs

A comprehensive procurement reform package that was developed collaboratively by Governor Rauner and legislative leaders was revealed today, and filed concurrently in both the House and the Senate.

In his State of the State Address, Governor Rauner discussed the need for Illinois to become competitive again, and his desire to help Illinois businesses and residents by providing more efficient government services. To do so, we must change the way our state purchases goods and services. This procurement legislation will do just that, and aims to maintain the necessary ethics and transparency safeguards, while streamlining bureaucracy and offering greater flexibility to state agencies. 
Overall, these agencies will ensure strong oversight of the procurement process, which will save taxpayer dollars and provide a faster purchasing process in state government. These increased efficiencies in purchasing and procurement will in turn increase opportunities for savings. To help our businesses remain competitive, there is a “Buy Illinois” provision in the legislation which will give preference to Illinois vendors for buying supplies and services from Illinois businesses.

Representative Andersson believes this legislative package is a strong effort to help cut costs and improve Illinois’ current fiscal situation.

“This reform package has the potential to significantly help our taxpayers. Our state is in no position to waste money, and this is a great step to make our state more efficient, effective, and deliver better quality services to our residents. The current procurement system in our state is broken, and this legislation will improve any inefficiencies while also cutting costs.”