The True Cost of Missing A Meal

Today, Representative Steve Andersson visited the Northern Illinois Food Bank to listen to a panel discussion on “The True Cost of Missing a Meal.”

The panel featured speakers from various nutrition and health backgrounds, and was extremely informative in educating the group on hunger based issues that are affecting the community.

So many families, students, and children face the challenge of hunger every day. Talking about hunger, listening to panelists, and visiting the food bank has been important to Rep. Andersson, to continue to engage with the Food Bank and support their mission to end hunger.

“It is important to listen to these panels, to understand what issues are impacting our communities, and to learn what can be done in order to help fight hunger in our area.”

The Northern Illinois Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that works to solve hunger by providing nutritious meals to those in need through innovative programs and partnerships. Through the Food Bank’s initiatives, the organization has helped provide food to over 71,000 people each week.

Today, the panelists stressed the food bank’s dependence on the generosity and support of individuals, foundations, corporations and manufacturers in order to provide charitable food relief to thousands of families each year. To learn more and to find out how you can help contribute, click here.