Andersson Calls for Gold Star Family Day

Representative Steve Andersson introduced a bill yesterday to create a Gold Star Family to honor the families of men and women who gave their lives while serving in the military. House Bill 4389 was presented by Andersson to the Veteran’s Affairs Committee in Springfield. 

Andersson initiated this bill to recognize the families who have lost loved ones in the military, for the loss they suffered has forever changed their lives. This bill would add to an already existing commemorative day in Illinois, Gold Star Mother’s Day.  Andersson filed this bill with the support of his constituent, Angel Collins, who testified on behalf of the bill in the Committee.

Angel’s son, Jonathan, served in the Marine Corp as a Lance Corporal and was killed in combat in Iraq.  Collins believes that suffering the loss of her son not only affected her as a mother, but also all the people and family in his life that loved and cared for him.  Andersson was inspired by Collins, and agreed that it would only be fair to also recognize all of the people and family that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Committee voted unanimously in favor of the bill, and were also all added as co-sponsors of the legislation.  The bill will continue to move on through the legislative process.  Below is a video of the bill being introduced in Committee, as well as Angel Collins’ testimony.