Andersson Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Visit to Local School

Today Representative Steve Andersson celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a visit to HC Storm Elementary School in Batavia. 

Rep. Andersson spoke with 4th Grade students who are currently studying Illinois government.  They were eager to hear Rep. Andersson talk about his role as a State Representative, and learn more about the inner workings of the General Assembly and the House of Representatives.  

While Rep. Andersson spoke about representing the 65th District, the students interjected with a wide variety of questions about the election process, the bills he is working on, how a bill becomes a law, and even wanted to know what the security in the state capitol building was like.

The students are focusing their studies on Illinois government and are even planning a trip to Springfield to see the capitol, and will be visiting Rep. Andersson while he is in session. 

“Today’s visit was a great introduction for the students to understand the process of government, and how laws are enacted,” said Andersson.  “I was impressed with the detailed questions they asked, and am excited to have so many bright students here interested in government.  I am looking forward to seeing these students in the Capitol to give them the opportunity to see our State’s government in action.”