Andersson Discusses Illinois Government with 7th Graders at Prairie Knolls Middle School

Today Representative Steve Andersson visited Prairie Knolls Middle School in Elgin, where he spoke to an assembly of 7th grade students, and received a tour of the school.

During his visit, Rep. Andersson was also able to see science projects that were created by other Prairie Knolls students, who were learning about environmental sustainability initiatives.  Andersson, who is on the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Committee in the House, was intrigued by the various projects on display and enjoyed looking at each project and hearing the explanations from the students on their work and findings.

“I loved hearing how collaborative the science projects were,” said Andersson.   “The students worked together in groups, and put in a lot of hard work and research.  To see their dedication and excitement with their findings was inspiring.”

After walking through the gallery of student science projects, Andersson met the group of 275 7th graders to speak with them on government, and explain his role as a State Representative of the 65th District.  The assembly of students was interested to know what the General Assembly has accomplished thus far, and what the biggest upcoming obstacles will be for this legislative session—including what the most debated bills in the House of Representatives were.

“I always like to hear students’ questions to see what areas of government they are most interested in learning more about.  Having an opportunity to give them more insight into Illinois government and the House of Representatives is an honor and one I love having.”