Andersson Seeks Realistic Solution to Higher Education Funding

Today, Senate Bill 2043—an unfunded MAP and higher education funding bill—was presented and debated in the House in an attempt to override the Governor’s recent veto of this bill. While the Senate did manage to override the veto, after spirited debate in the House, the bill failed to garner the necessary votes to do so. As it was after the initial veto of Senate Bill 2043, House Republicans still stand ready to compromise and work toward a realistic solution to fund higher education in Illinois. 

Representative Andersson voted against this measure again today, and is ready to work with his colleagues to properly fund higher education, MAP grants, and state universities with a genuine funding solution that will benefit both students and higher education institutions.

“It is cruel to pretend this bill would fund anything. The reality is that there is no money to fund this bill, which truly makes this bill a false promise. While this bill would appropriate funds, it authorizes money to be spent when our state simply does not have it—and that is unfair; to promise hard working students in Illinois something that does not exist, and let them believe that this bill will help fund their MAP grants. As legislators it is our duty to responsibly fund higher education programs and institutions within our state’s means, and I stand ready to compromise for a feasible solution to this problem.”