State Representative Steve Andersson recently held an educational seminar on property taxes.

This event was an opportunity for residents to learn more about the property tax assessment and appeal process. Rep. Andersson held the informational event, to provide key resources to taxpayers and to help make the often confusing property tax process more understandable and easier to navigate.

Andersson facilitated a conversation concerning property taxes in the 65th District community, but also discussed how as a whole, property taxes in Illinois are distributed—and why Illinois taxes remain so high.

“It is no secret that Illinois has the highest property taxes. Today was about discussing why our state’s taxes are this way, how property taxes are assessed in our community, and how we can appeal them. I wanted to provide residents with all the resources and tools they need to be in a better position to understand property taxes, and arm them with all the right information.”

The event drew an interested crowd from the 65th District community, and local property tax assessors were present at the seminar to help answer specific tax related questions during the dialogue.

As an advocate for tax payers, Andersson is looking ahead to legislative solutions for property taxes, and recently voted in favor of a property tax freeze through House Bill 696.

Today, the House passed a higher education funding bill, a stop gap emergency solution to keep Illinois universities open and running through the summer.

Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva), and other House Republicans supported Senate Bill 2059, which has accurately appropriated  $600 million for higher education institutions and the Educational Assistance Fund.  This funding is immediately available, and gives more certainty to the future of students and universities in the state.

While this bill is a form of emergency funding, it is one that legislators hope will be a stepping stone to further agreements on budget issues and the overall fiscal budget.

“Today we took a step forward and made progress in funding higher education,” said Andersson.  “The budget impasse has affected far too many in our state, and today we agreed on something, and worked together to find a solution.  The job is not done, there is a lot to still accomplish, but this is a great start moving forward—and most importantly it shows that reason can prevail, and when we work together we can find common ground to solve problems.”

The bill now awaits consideration in the Senate.
Representative Steve Andersson passed House Bill 4371 today in the House.  The bill amends the Water Authorities Act, and creates the option for local water authority districts to be dissolved. This voter empowerment initiative was supported by Transform Illinois, a collaborative organization working to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government services throughout Illinois.

Currently, there is no legal or easy way to dissolve water authorities.  HB 4371 creates the option for water authorities to be dissolved, should residents wish to eliminate them.  Most importantly, this bill puts the power in the hands of the voters, and gives them the opportunity to make decisions that directly impact their community.  Andersson’s bill will enable residents to vote and choose to streamline units of local government that are no longer serving their purpose.  It is notably the first piece of this type of legislation to pass in the House.

Representative Andersson has found that many water authority districts have become in-active:  they do no regulate water, and they exist simply because there is no way to eliminate them.  This bill solves the problem, and presents a feasible option to do it. 

“House Bill 4371 creates a solution for an unnecessary aspect of government to be eliminated if wanted by the residents of a community,” said Andersson.  “This is an added option for residents, one that will empower voters by putting the decision in their hands to choose what is best for their community and the future of their local government.”

Dissolution of a water authority would be done by referendum, and any money available after said dissolution would be given to the townships and counties in the area.

HB 4371 passed out of the House with 115 voting for this measure, and will now continue on to the Senate.

State Representative Steve Andersson advanced House Bill 4552, which amends the Adult Protective Services Act, a bill that will help protect the most vulnerable adults in Illinois. The bill adds the State's Attorney's offices to the list of persons and agencies granted access, upon request, to records concerning reports of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or self-neglect.

While other agencies have already been allowed access to these records, increasing access to the State’s Attorney’s offices is beneficial to providing the most efficient and effective means of help to adults suffering from abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud.

“House Bill 4552 will protect adults to aging seniors who have suffered any sort of physical, mental, and financial wrongdoing. It will allow more help to be easily given to them, and gives the State’s Attorney’s offices the access they need to best right wrongs and help those who need it most.”

HB 4552 passed out of the House last week and now proceeds to the Senate for further action.
State Representative Steve Andersson recently passed a bill in the House of Representatives that will create Gold Star Family Day in Illinois. 

Gold Star Mothers’ Day recognizes mothers whose sons or daughters died while serving their nation in times of war or conflict. While it was custom of military families to put a service flag near their front window, this flag often featured a star for each family member serving their country—living members were given blue stars but gold stars depicted fallen family members who were killed in duty.

Andersson’s bill seeks to extend the honor and recognition given to Gold Star Mothers to the entire family—for they too suffer a great loss. This bill was important to Rep. Andersson to recognize the sacrifice military families make, losing their loved ones that help protect and serve our country. “So many families have lost servicemen—their loved ones and their family members. We need to commemorate military families, and honor the sacrifice, contributions, commitments and sacrifices made by the entire family, and the Gold Star Family Day bill does just that.”

Gold Star Family Day will be observed in Illinois the day after Gold Star Mother’s Day. House Bill 4389 passed unanimously out of the House this week with 114 votes in its favor, and will continue on to the Senate for further confirmation.
State Representative Steve Andersson is hosting a Property Tax Seminar on April 28th at the St. Charles Public Library.  For more details and to RSVP for the event, 
contact the District Office at (630) 457-5460.

Representative Steve Andersson passed a resolution out of committee yesterday honoring the 25th anniversary of The Illinois Brass Band. House Resolution 824 was presented to the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee in the House, where Andersson described the accomplishments of the Band, and their 25 years spent bringing beautiful music to the Chicagoland area.

Since it was founded in 1991, The Illinois Brass Band has presented dozens of concerts indoors and out and showcased exceptional artists including Roger Webster, Michael Mulcahy, and Brett Baker. The Illinois Brass Band has produced six recordings to date. Most notably, the band is a six time national champion of the North American Brass Band Association.

Representative Andersson sought out this resolution to recognize the Illinois Brass Band, a 30 member British style brass band, whose hard work and dedication to music has made a profound impact in our state. The Resolution declares Saturday, June 11, 2016, as Illinois Brass Band Day.

Representative Andersson congratulates The Illinois Brass Band on their success, and their 25th Anniversary. More of Representative Andersson’s remarks on this resolution can be seen in the video below.