Andersson Advances Adult Protective Services Bill

State Representative Steve Andersson advanced House Bill 4552, which amends the Adult Protective Services Act, a bill that will help protect the most vulnerable adults in Illinois. The bill adds the State's Attorney's offices to the list of persons and agencies granted access, upon request, to records concerning reports of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or self-neglect.

While other agencies have already been allowed access to these records, increasing access to the State’s Attorney’s offices is beneficial to providing the most efficient and effective means of help to adults suffering from abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud.

“House Bill 4552 will protect adults to aging seniors who have suffered any sort of physical, mental, and financial wrongdoing. It will allow more help to be easily given to them, and gives the State’s Attorney’s offices the access they need to best right wrongs and help those who need it most.”

HB 4552 passed out of the House last week and now proceeds to the Senate for further action.