Andersson Passes Voter Empowerment Initiative

Representative Steve Andersson passed House Bill 4371 today in the House.  The bill amends the Water Authorities Act, and creates the option for local water authority districts to be dissolved. This voter empowerment initiative was supported by Transform Illinois, a collaborative organization working to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government services throughout Illinois.

Currently, there is no legal or easy way to dissolve water authorities.  HB 4371 creates the option for water authorities to be dissolved, should residents wish to eliminate them.  Most importantly, this bill puts the power in the hands of the voters, and gives them the opportunity to make decisions that directly impact their community.  Andersson’s bill will enable residents to vote and choose to streamline units of local government that are no longer serving their purpose.  It is notably the first piece of this type of legislation to pass in the House.

Representative Andersson has found that many water authority districts have become in-active:  they do no regulate water, and they exist simply because there is no way to eliminate them.  This bill solves the problem, and presents a feasible option to do it. 

“House Bill 4371 creates a solution for an unnecessary aspect of government to be eliminated if wanted by the residents of a community,” said Andersson.  “This is an added option for residents, one that will empower voters by putting the decision in their hands to choose what is best for their community and the future of their local government.”

Dissolution of a water authority would be done by referendum, and any money available after said dissolution would be given to the townships and counties in the area.

HB 4371 passed out of the House with 115 voting for this measure, and will now continue on to the Senate.