Andersson's Gold Star Family Day Bill Moves Forward

State Representative Steve Andersson recently passed a bill in the House of Representatives that will create Gold Star Family Day in Illinois. 

Gold Star Mothers’ Day recognizes mothers whose sons or daughters died while serving their nation in times of war or conflict. While it was custom of military families to put a service flag near their front window, this flag often featured a star for each family member serving their country—living members were given blue stars but gold stars depicted fallen family members who were killed in duty.

Andersson’s bill seeks to extend the honor and recognition given to Gold Star Mothers to the entire family—for they too suffer a great loss. This bill was important to Rep. Andersson to recognize the sacrifice military families make, losing their loved ones that help protect and serve our country. “So many families have lost servicemen—their loved ones and their family members. We need to commemorate military families, and honor the sacrifice, contributions, commitments and sacrifices made by the entire family, and the Gold Star Family Day bill does just that.”

Gold Star Family Day will be observed in Illinois the day after Gold Star Mother’s Day. House Bill 4389 passed unanimously out of the House this week with 114 votes in its favor, and will continue on to the Senate for further confirmation.