Andersson’s Property Tax Seminar a Success

State Representative Steve Andersson recently held an educational seminar on property taxes.

This event was an opportunity for residents to learn more about the property tax assessment and appeal process. Rep. Andersson held the informational event, to provide key resources to taxpayers and to help make the often confusing property tax process more understandable and easier to navigate.

Andersson facilitated a conversation concerning property taxes in the 65th District community, but also discussed how as a whole, property taxes in Illinois are distributed—and why Illinois taxes remain so high.

“It is no secret that Illinois has the highest property taxes. Today was about discussing why our state’s taxes are this way, how property taxes are assessed in our community, and how we can appeal them. I wanted to provide residents with all the resources and tools they need to be in a better position to understand property taxes, and arm them with all the right information.”

The event drew an interested crowd from the 65th District community, and local property tax assessors were present at the seminar to help answer specific tax related questions during the dialogue.

As an advocate for tax payers, Andersson is looking ahead to legislative solutions for property taxes, and recently voted in favor of a property tax freeze through House Bill 696.