Higher Ed Funding Bill Passes in House

Today, the House passed a higher education funding bill, a stop gap emergency solution to keep Illinois universities open and running through the summer.

Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva), and other House Republicans supported Senate Bill 2059, which has accurately appropriated  $600 million for higher education institutions and the Educational Assistance Fund.  This funding is immediately available, and gives more certainty to the future of students and universities in the state.

While this bill is a form of emergency funding, it is one that legislators hope will be a stepping stone to further agreements on budget issues and the overall fiscal budget.

“Today we took a step forward and made progress in funding higher education,” said Andersson.  “The budget impasse has affected far too many in our state, and today we agreed on something, and worked together to find a solution.  The job is not done, there is a lot to still accomplish, but this is a great start moving forward—and most importantly it shows that reason can prevail, and when we work together we can find common ground to solve problems.”

The bill now awaits consideration in the Senate.