Human Services Appropriations Bill Passes in House

Today a human services appropriations bill was presented and debated in the House. This measure, Senate Bill 2038, provides $700 million in immediately available funds for human service providers across the state.

Human service providers provide a variety of vital services in Illinois, and this bill will provide the necessary funding to help keep them functioning. Rep. Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) voted for the bill.

“This is a positive step forward,” said Andersson. “This bill provides essential services for our residents, and is the next necessary step in the budgeting process. While there is much more to accomplish, this funding measure will help prevent agency closures, and keep vital services running and available to those in our state that need them the most. This is not a perfect or permanent solution, but is progress.”

Today the bill passed in the House with 111 voting in favor of it.