Andersson Asks Auditor General Mautino to Step Aside

Today a group of state lawmakers urged Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino to step aside from his duties due to the state board of elections and a federal investigation of his campaign spending and reporting practices. The investigations date back to his time in the Illinois House of Representatives, and as a result over the last few months dozens of lawmakers formally asked Auditor General Mautino several times to provide answers to the questions raised in the State Election Board investigations but have yet to receive any answers.

It was recently disclosed that federal authorities are now looking into his campaign spending and reporting practices—news that prompted legislators to ask for the Auditor General to step aside from his job as he defends himself against potential criminal charges.

State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) was among the group of legislators who today urged Mautino to voluntarily take a leave of absence while numerous investigations continue to dissect his expenditures.

“As the investigations only seem to be escalating, I agree with my colleagues that Auditor General Mautino should take a leave of absence until the federal and state investigations are concluded,” said Andersson. “There is no way he can effectively serve Illinois at this time. Our state and our residents deserve better. As a legislator, I support transparent government—and having so much uncertainty and clout surrounding our state’s financial watchdog is simply unacceptable. ”

Having received no answers from the Auditor General after many questions from lawmakers on the matter, today’s request for Mautino to step aside is the latest effort to protect the integrity of the office of Auditor General. The General Assembly and Illinois taxpayers await Auditor General Frank Mautino’s response to this request.