Andersson’s Office finds cash for Residents

Representative Andersson recently discovered that four residents had unclaimed cash available to them in the State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division. Andersson’s staff worked to track down and contact the residents about their money. Each of these four constituents had over $10,000 in ICash monies, the total amounting close to $50,000.

ICash is a program that allows the Illinois State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division to connect Illinois residents with their unclaimed property. In the last 2 years, the Illinois Treasurer's office has returned over $2,750,000 in unclaimed property to the rightful owners.

The Treasurer’s office has found that 1 in 4 residents who search for property end up finding something, and that the average payout is around $2,000. To find out if you have unclaimed property, and learn how to claim it click here.

You can also contact Representative Andersson’s District Office at (630) 457-5460 for questions about ICash or if you need any help claiming property.