Voter Empowerment Initiative Becomes Law

House Bill 4371, which allows water authorities to be dissolved by referendum should voters determine them to be unnecessary, was recently signed into law by Governor Rauner. Rep. Andersson sponsored this voter empowerment initiative to give residents the opportunity to dissolve local water authorities should they choose.

“It is important to eliminate unnecessary aspects of government, and give the voters the power to do so,” said Andersson. “I have found some of the existing water authorities to be inactive, and there is no reason to have them. Yet, before this bill became law there was no way to legally dissolve them. This puts the decision in voters’ hands, and allows residents to make the right call for their community.”

The dissolution of a water authority would be by referendum, and any money available after said dissolution would be given to the townships and counties in the area.

House Bill 4371 became effective after it was signed into law on July 29th, 2016.