Andersson Serves as Principal for the Day

Representative Steve Andersson recently served as the Principal for the Day at a local elementary school in his 65th District. Patricia Gonzalez Martinez, the Principal of Anderson Elementary School in St. Charles, welcomed Rep. Andersson to serve as the school principal. After getting a tour of the school and meeting the teachers and staff, Andersson started his day by greeting the students upon their morning arrival. 

After the first bell, Rep. Andersson gave a school wide welcome over the intercom and helped a special group of third graders recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Before venturing out to the classrooms, a few of the school’s ambassadors and student council members helped Rep. Andersson understand school policies, student expectations, and their unique roles as leaders in the school. Rep. Andersson was interested to learn their responsibilities, and hear the important work they do on a daily basis to help make the school the best learning environment.

Rep. Andersson met with the entire third grade to discuss state government, the process of choosing legislators, and the structure of the General Assembly. He answered many questions about his role as state rep, including how many bills were introduced in his term. Andersson discussed and defined terms for the students like debate, majority, veto and other concepts like term limits. The third graders were extremely interested in the role of government and the state and federal leaders, and even wanted to know if third graders could run for president.

“I enjoy visiting our area schools to engage with students, and I am always impressed with their eagerness to learn and their questions about state government and current events,” said Andersson. “I always love participating in the Principal for the Day program to meet and talk with our bright young students, as well as the hard working educators.”

When meeting with a joint assembly of the second grade, Andersson discussed the importance of legislators solving problems in the community, and the need to listen to problems, wants and needs of residents in the district in order to properly act for change.

For the kindergarten and first grades, Rep. Andersson read Halloween themed books, and answered their questions about serving his first day as the principal of their school.

Celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year, Anderson Elementary was excited to host State Representative Steve Andersson as their Principal for the Day!