Andersson Visits Local Elementary School

State Representative Steve Andersson recently visited Lincoln Elementary School in St. Charles. The Representative was given a tour of the school facility, met with faculty, and was able to sit in on several classes from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.

Andersson, who had recently served as a Principal for the Day at another St. Charles elementary school, always enjoys the opportunity to meet with young students, hear about their interests, and see firsthand how our students are taught. “It was extremely rewarding to be able to witness the education students are receiving and see the hard work educators put in to make sure each student is learning and growing,” said Andersson. “I enjoy these learning experiences where I get to listen to our educators and students to further understand education in our community.”

The Representative began the day early by greeting students as they arrived to school from the buses. During his visit, he led the Pledge of Allegiance, brainstormed Halloween words with the Kindergartners, read a special book to the 3rd grade, and even helped a group of 5th grade students in their science class complete their circuit project.

Representative Andersson looks forward to visiting Lincoln Elementary again in the future!