The start of a New Year often means a fresh start. For Illinois, the start of 2017 welcomes new laws that become effective. While state legislators considered thousands of bills during this year’s legislative session, the New Year reflects the couple hundred of laws that take effect January 1st. These laws include a variety of topics that impact the lives of Illinois residents with new changes, requirements and regulations.

Starting January 1st, 191 new laws take effect. To see what is changing for Illinois, and to view laws that may be of interest to you, click below.

State legislators will return to Springfield in January to convene the 100th General Assembly.
Rep. Andersson is pictured with
1st Place Winner Bill Clanton,
2nd Place Winner Fred Kimmel, and
3rd Place Winner Jim Weirman 
State Representative Steve Andersson recently hosted a Senior Spelling Bee finale at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin.

This fall, Rep. Andersson held senior spelling bee competitions at four senior communities throughout the 65th District. The top 3 winners from each of the four residences, representing The Carillon in St. Charles, The Holmstad in Batavia, Sun City Del Webb in Huntley, and Edgewater Del Webb in South Elgin, were invited to participate in the final competition.

Rep. Andersson was excited to see the large turnout of guests ready to cheer on the eager competitors.

“I have enjoyed hosting these events throughout my district to bring so many in our community together in a common interest,” said Andersson. “I am always impressed with their spelling, and how many rounds of words we go through for each competition. Tonight was no exception, and to see the excitement and comradery among the contestants in all the residences was inspiring.”

The lists compiled for the bee included beginner, intermediate, and advanced words. The final word spelled correctly by the winner, Bill Clanton from Sun City, was loquacious. The top three finishers from the finale were given gift certificates and a special prize from Rep. Andersson for their efforts.

Andersson is looking forward to hosting another round of spelling bees next year. Special Thanks to Advocate Sherman Hospital for their support in holding this fun senior event!

Veto session in the General Assembly came to a close Thursday, prompting legislators to leave the Capitol without discussing the ever present budget crisis.

While the leaders continue to meet, rank and file members of the House voiced their frustrations about the lack of urgency surrounding the state’s budget.  The end of the regular session brought a stopgap budget agreement, a temporary bridge to fund social services and education through the end of the year.  However, with the end of the year just 30 days away, there is no clear resolution in sight. 

Representative Andersson was one of many legislators frustrated with the lack of discussion and process surrounding the development of a comprehensive budget agreement.   “The stopgap agreement was a temporary agreement,” said Andersson. “There are 30 days left and we must act to find a solution to keep our state functioning and provide for the people of Illinois.   Leaving Springfield tonight knowing how much more should be done for our taxpayers is frustrating.”

Andersson has continually voiced his support for negotiation and compromise and today before leaving Springfield, he again called for action.  “I remain hopeful that we can find common ground and come together to make a comprehensive sustainable solution, and one our residents deserve.”

With many difficult decisions to be made, the Leaders will continue to meet through the week with the hope that a solution can be agreed upon before the close of the year.
Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2814, a measure that ensures nuclear power plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities remain running, promotes the state’s future energy sustainability, and protects competitive electric rates for Illinois consumers.

Representative Andersson voted in favor of the measure and voiced his support for the bill, calling it the right choice for the future of Illinois.

“This legislation is about choosing a more sustainable option, and is a step in making Illinois a power in green energy,” said Andersson. “By providing stability and securing the expansion of solar and wind power, this is the best choice to move our state toward improved efficiency through clean energy, while also reducing our carbon footprint.”

Not only does the bill provide for a sustainable future for the state through increased energy efficiency, it also preserves thousands of jobs for Illinois residents. Senate Bill 2814 will expand energy efficiency programs which will drive down energy costs for rate payers while also creating incentives for the expansion of other forms of clean energy.

The bill passed the House with 63 voting in favor of the legislation, and moves on to the Senate for further verification.