Andersson Supports Increased Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Efforts for Illinois’ Future

Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2814, a measure that ensures nuclear power plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities remain running, promotes the state’s future energy sustainability, and protects competitive electric rates for Illinois consumers.

Representative Andersson voted in favor of the measure and voiced his support for the bill, calling it the right choice for the future of Illinois.

“This legislation is about choosing a more sustainable option, and is a step in making Illinois a power in green energy,” said Andersson. “By providing stability and securing the expansion of solar and wind power, this is the best choice to move our state toward improved efficiency through clean energy, while also reducing our carbon footprint.”

Not only does the bill provide for a sustainable future for the state through increased energy efficiency, it also preserves thousands of jobs for Illinois residents. Senate Bill 2814 will expand energy efficiency programs which will drive down energy costs for rate payers while also creating incentives for the expansion of other forms of clean energy.

The bill passed the House with 63 voting in favor of the legislation, and moves on to the Senate for further verification.