Andersson Ready to Work for Change in Illinois

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner addressed the 100th General Assembly for his annual State of the State remarks. In this special joint session of the Illinois House of Representatives and the Senate, Governor Rauner noted the many accomplishments the state has made with significant improvements to education funding, ethics reform, job creation, and criminal justice reform. While much more work lays ahead for state lawmakers, Rauner encouraged legislators to continue this momentum to solve Illinois’ biggest challenges.

State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) echoed the Governor’s optimism about the future of Illinois, should the General Assembly work together to overcome the challenges ahead:

“There is much more work to be done, and as legislators, this opportunity to continue to make positive change for Illinois is critical to providing a better future for Illinois,” said Andersson.

Rep. Andersson is hopeful that solutions to the state’s biggest issues can be accomplished through bipartisan compromise. Andersson added that he is ready to work for systematic change, which he believes is essential to passing a balanced budget. “For Illinois to move forward, we must accept the challenges in front of us and find good, honest, and transparent solutions for all residents in Illinois.”

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