Andersson Urges For More Transparency in House Rules

HR46 was presented and debated in the Illinois House of Representatives today, which contains the House Rules for the 100th General Assembly and guidelines for the legislative process.

The resolution was met with vigorous debate, led by Representative Steve Andersson.

Representative Andersson questioned the fairness of the Rules, and expressed the need for more transparency in the Rules process. Andersson repeatedly stressed the need for full and fair debate in the House, not only for legislation but to give every member in the House of Representatives an equal opportunity for their bills’ consideration.

Andersson found the current Rules as presented in HR46 to be unjust, restrictive, and lacking the necessary public transparency that Illinois residents deserve. Andersson opposed the House Rules, and you can see more of his floor remarks on the resolution in the video below:


With 63 members of the House voting yes and 53 voting no, HR46 was adopted.

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