Andersson on the State Budget Address

Today Governor Bruce Rauner gave his annual Budget Address to a special joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives of the 100th General Assembly. The budget remains the biggest challenge to the state of Illinois, with the current impasse reaching almost its second year, and a backlog of unpaid bills climbing to $11.3 billion.

In his Address, the Governor acknowledged the difficult position the state is in, but also noted significant progress that has been made through bipartisan compromise in the Senate. He presented specific parameters needed in a balanced budget plan, and stressed the importance of coming to an agreement that benefits both tax payers and job creators. The Governor also emphasized job creation as the cornerstone for economic growth, something for which the budget must account for.

State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) appreciated the Governor’s optimistic tone in presenting his budget plan, especially Rauner’s emphasis on working together with both sides of the legislature toward a compromise.

“The Governor has presented a budget to us with the necessary reforms to help make Illinois competitive again—and benefit our taxpayers,” said Andersson. “He has given us parameters on what is acceptable to bring necessary change to our state, and this will help guide us as we navigate the difficult decisions ahead. Now it is our job as legislators to pass this budget, end this impasse, and do what’s right for our state.”

In his speech, Governor Rauner also called for term limits in order to return confidence in state government and appeal to job creators. Rep. Andersson also finds term limits to be essential for the future of Illinois, and has filed bills every year to do so. “Fundamental changes need to happen to restore the public’s trust in our government,” said Andersson. “This change starts with term limits, which is the best way to produce not only efficient but effective government.” The Representative filed HJRCA15 earlier this year to create term limits, and the bill currently is in the Rules Committee in the House awaiting further consideration.

With spring legislative session underway in Springfield, legislators will continue to meet throughout the week in the hopes progress can continue to be made on a comprehensive budget agreement.

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