Identity Theft Prevention

Protecting the identity of our residents, and ensuring personal security is extremely important for the overall well-being of Illinoisans and longevity of our state. Identity theft has been on the rise for years and remains a top complaint received by the Illinois Attorney General each year.

In fact, throughout 2016, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General received 2,387 complaints received relating to fraud and 2,391 related to identity theft.

There have also been several complaints within the 45th District received by the Geneva Police Department. This year the Department announced a new online scam and warned residents of computer tampering and online fraud schemes from residents. Police urge residents to be aware of any suspicious online behavior, and want to remind residents to not open unknown emails, attachments or click on pop-up messages.

If you have questions or concerns about a potential scam, contact the Geneva Police Department at (630) 232-4736 and ask for Officer Chuck Parisi in Crime Prevention.

There are simply measures you can take to proactively protect you and your family and prevent fraud or identity theft from hurting you or your family:

Online Security

Today’s world is largely digital, with a large capacity for information to be stored and shared online. Cyber threats are on the rise and pose a great risk to consumers across the nation.

It is important to remember to maintain a safe and secure online password and to not use the same password for every online account. Being cautious when using public wi-fi connections, refraining from using automatic log-ins and adding steps for verification, with security questions or other measures, can help further online security.

Shred Documents

Papers collected over time such as credit card statements, and health care or tax documents have sensitive information on them and need to be properly discarded. With the nature of personal information enclosed on such forms, it is necessary to shred these types of documents to ensure that the information cannot be taken or used in a fraudulent manner. Shredding documents is the safest way to keep information safe and ensure it is properly destroyed.

Protect Your Home

Many valuable possessions are stored at home. Use a safe or lock box to store sensitive information like birth certificates, passports or social security cards. Taking the extra step to prevent these kinds of documents from being lost, stolen, or damaged is worth the trouble. For your safety it is necessary to do what you can to diminish any vulnerability and increase your protection.

Lastly, it is important to report any crimes, scams, and fraud to the Attorney General’s office so they can continue to educate consumers and make others aware of current scams to help protect Illinois residents. Should you need to file a complaint, don’t hesitate to contact the Attorney General’s office at 1-800-386-5438 or visit www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov.

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