Ageless Aviation Gives Back to Area Veterans

The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to seniors and United States military veterans living in long-term care communities, and seeks to fulfill their dreams by giving them an opportunity to fly. 

The ‘Dream Flights’ offered take veterans back to their military days by giving them a ride in the cockpit of a Boeing Stearman, the airplane used to train many military aviators in the thirties and forties. The very mission of the organization is “giving back to those who have given.” While many military heroes today reside in senior communities, the organization and their Dream Flights gives veterans one more chance to rule the sky as proud military aviators.

Recently, the organization came to the DuPage County Airport to give dozens of flights to veterans who reside at the Holmstad Senior Community in Batavia. Each veteran was taken on a 20 minute flight, and after their tours, they were honored at a special ceremony to thank them for their service to their country.

Remarks at the recognition ceremony were given by the Mayor of Batavia, Jeff Schielke, and Certificates of Recognition were given to veterans from State Representative Steve Andersson.

Over the past six years, Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation has given over 2,200 Dream Flights in 37 states. The organization’s work has quickly grown and this year alone they are slated to give nearly a thousand flights.

This is an event that veterans at the Holmstad look forward to every year, and one that Representative Andersson enjoys participating in to help make their day special, in order to fully honor and show appreciation for their all they have sacrificed for their country.

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