Andersson’s Emergency Town Hall Draws a Full Crowd

State Representative Steve Andersson hosted a successful emergency town hall meeting last night with residents in his 65th district. The event was open to all area residents, and drew a full crowd to the Geneva Park District.

In the first portion of the town hall, Rep. Andersson gave a presentation with current facts and figures relevant to the state budget. 

The Representative’s remarks gave a greater understanding to the magnitude of the budget crisis and how Illinois got to this point. 

With the budget impasse reaching its third year, and the current backlog of unpaid bills topping $14 billion, Andersson called this event an “emergency.” He recognizes the sense of urgency needed to come to a balanced budget agreement, as the lack of a state budget that has left social services, higher education, and many more agencies struggling without funding.

Andersson wanted to host this town hall to explain the budgeting process in the General Assembly, but most importantly to get input on possible solutions from residents. Every person in the room had an opportunity to ask the Representative a question, and he took time to consider every opinion.

“It was incredibly valuable to hear diverse opinions tonight and receive all the thoughtful input from area residents. I have a renewed sense of purpose as we prepare to head back to Springfield in the coming weeks,” said Andersson.

At several points throughout the night, Rep. Andersson stressed the need for compromise as the only way to come to a budget agreement in the House of Representatives, and Andersson remains committed to working with lawmakers in Springfield to do so.

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