House Fails to Find Budget Agreement in Final Hours

The House of Representatives adjourned on May 31st, the last day of spring legislative session without a balanced budget in place. The final day of spring session is the state’s budget deadline, which left little room for lawmakers to find an agreement—having heard minimal budget bills in the weeks leading up to the end of session.

Instead, the budget deadline has been extended, and lawmakers will continue to meet through the coming weeks to find an agreement to pay down the massive backlog of bills and help move Illinois forward.

Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) expressed his dismay with the lack of urgency and inaction on the state budget:

“I am frustrated that more time will pass as Illinois residents, service agencies, and higher education institutions continue to suffer as the impasse carries on,” said Andersson. “Our state is left with more uncertainty now than ever. It is my hope that as we continue to meet during the summer we will be productive in our debates, and pass a budget that our taxpayers deserve.”

Throughout legislative session this year in the House of Representatives, Andersson has encouraged bipartisan compromise to provide solutions to some of Illinois biggest challenges—including one to the budget impasse, which today has reached its 703rd day.

The House of Representatives will resume session with the renewed fiscal year deadline of June 30th.

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