Andersson Encourages Action on School Funding Bill

Without an evidence based school funding reform bill signed into law, schools state-wide will not get funding, putting many in jeopardy of opening on time for the upcoming school year. State Rep. Steve Andersson recently appeared on Chicago Tonight to discuss the bill at hand, SB1. 

Andersson does not support the legislation in its current form, due to the skewed direction of funds favoring one school district over all the rest in Illinois. Under SB1, the state would cover Chicago Public Schools pension costs, which amounts to $215 million this year. In addition there are other costs built into the formula that benefit CPS at the expense of other school districts-like the $250 million block grant they would receive every year.

Andersson encouraged continued bipartisan work towards a fair solution for all Illinois’ schools. The underlying funding formula in the bill did have wide support in the House, and there are good, agreeable aspects of the original legislation. While the bill passed in both chambers of the General Assembly in May, it is unable to move forward due to a procedural quirk, inhibiting any further action. Andersson urged for the bill’s release so that further discussions can move forward. Until it is sent to the Governor for further consideration, nothing more can be done.

Lawmakers were called into Special Session by Governor Rauner to encourage action and a resolution to school funding, and are scheduled to be in Springfield until Monday.

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