Andersson’s Bills Signed by Governor Rauner

State Representative Steve Andersson had three of his bills recently signed into law.

The first bill, HB799, is now Public Act 100-0473, and provides for advance notice of road detours. It calls for the Department of Transportation and local government agencies to post notice of highway detour locations on their respective websites no later than 10 days before a detour becomes active. This bill will help Illinois residents know before they travel of any detours—so it is clear when and where they will occur. Previously, the state could close any portion of the highway temporarily for road construction, repair, or improvements as long as there was a sufficient detour. This law will now enforce advance notice for any such road deters, allowing residents to easily find information and plan their travel accordingly.

HB2516 is now Public Act 100-0478. It provides a separate award for an adult dependent child of at least $5,000. This bill was an initiative of the Illinois State Bar Association, who found the current law as it relates to adult disabled children to be outdated. Andersson’s bill helps preserve the integrity of the estate for all heirs and beneficiaries, so that the needs of adult disabled children can be adequately covered.

HB2820, is now Public Act 100-0488, and provides uniform regulations for farmers market vendors throughout the state. This bill addressed several challenges facing farmer’s market vendors, as there were different rules and guidelines throughout Illinois. This bill now makes all regulations consistent, transparent, and uniform throughout the state as it pertains to health and safety at local farmer’s markets.

All three measures were signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner on September 8th.

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