Super Readers Celebrate Summer Reading Success

State Representative Steve Andersson concluded his third annual summer reading program with a celebratory party to honor the students in his district who participated. The program drew students from 23 different schools in Rep. Andersson’s 65th District, who all read at least ten books over their summer vacation. 

Rep. Andersson’s summer reading program has continued to grow every year, and this year’s program, “Super Readers Wanted,” drew the largest number of participants yet.

The Representative enjoyed meeting all the Super Readers at the party, and hearing about their favorite books. Amongst the participants, a total of 440 books were read throughout the summer. The most popular book was The Diary of a Whimpy Kid.
Rep. Andersson was able to read a book to all Super Readers at the party, discuss various super heroes, and the potential super powers desired by this group of readers. Special certificates were also awarded to those who completed the reading program. Don Bothwell, a magician and balloon sculptor, was on hand at the event to provide entertainment, especially impressive balloon designs that were enjoyed by all!

The reading program has been largely successful over the years, and is something the Representative looks forward to sponsoring again in the future!

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