Scam Targeting St. Charles Residents

The City of St. Charles is warning residents of a current phone call scheme that is targeting area residents.

The St. Charles Utility Billing Office has received reports from local residents who have received phone calls from people claiming to be representatives of the city. In the calls these scammers demand immediate payment for utility bills. Callers have also been known to leave voicemails stating, “Electric bill is overdue, here’s your reference number. You need to call immediately.”

The phone numbers used by the scammers show up on Caller ID as “City of St. Charles,” but City Spokesperson Lisa Garhan has confirmed that this is a hoax. Garhan has reassured that residents are never asked for immediate payment over the phone for such bills.

St. Charles residents should be aware that this is a scheme to get your credit card information. If you do receive a phone call as described, DO NOT call back the number provided and do not give any personal information over the phone.

St. Charles city officials have noted their willingness to work with residents, should they have concerns or further questions on this issue. Residents are also encouraged to contact the St. Charles Police Department to report phone calls of this nature at, 630-377-4435.

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