Anti-Substance Abuse Measure Passes in House

Rep. Andersson presents HB5288
in the Human Services Committee
State Representative Steve Andersson’s legislation to create an online registry for Illinois’ recovery residences passed today in the House of Representatives.

As described in HB5288, a "recovery residence" means a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use and associated problems.

The legislation is an initiative of the Department of Human Services, and the bill provides that DHS will develop and maintain the online registry of recovery residences. The will be publicly available online through the DHS website and include detailed information about each residence. These recovery residences are not subject to Department licensure as they are viewed as independent living residences that only provide peer support and a lengthened exposure to the culture of recovery.

No such database of recovery residences currently exists, making it difficult for Illinois residents to find necessary resources to aid in their recovery. The online registry of recovery residences will serve as a referral resource for individuals seeking continued recovery assistance.

Representative Andersson commended DHS for suggesting the bill, as it will greatly help individuals and their families easily access all the information they need in one place. While presenting the bill in the House, Representative Andersson called these recovery residences “a critical and key component to an individual’s recovery from substance abuse.” Further, Andersson believes it is vital that people are aware of the resources in Illinois that are available to them in their recovery.

The bill passed unanimously out of committee and also garnered a unanimous vote in the House to move forward for further consideration in the Senate.

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