Andersson Votes in Favor of Equal Rights Amendment

State Representative Steve Andersson stood in support of the Equal Rights Amendment today in the House of Representatives, when SJRCA 4 was presented for a vote.

Andersson was the chief-co sponsor of the initiative, and has been vocal in his support of it throughout the Constitutional Amendment’s journey through the legislative process.

During today’s debate, Andersson stressed not only the equality the amendment would secure, but also the empowerment it would provide to women. “I want to empower women,” said Andersson, “because the better they are, the better we are as a people.” In his comments on the House floor, Andersson continued, “When we equalize ourselves, we are all better.”

The Representative urged all members in the House to support the Amendment, calling it the most important bill the House of Representatives will consider this year.

With today’s vote, the measure received 72 votes in favor, gaining enough support to make Illinois the 37th state to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment.

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