Andersson Files 3D Printer Safety Bill

State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) recently filed legislation to establish a security protocol for three-dimensional printers in public places. The bill, HB 5946, will require the State Police to create such a safety protocol for three-dimensional printers in public libraries, public elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, public universities and state agencies.

With plans now publicly available that make 3D printers capable of printing guns, the public access to these printers is a safety and security issue for public places like schools and libraries. Rep. Andersson filed the bill to make sure that safety is a priority, especially due to recent school shootings. 

“It has always been my position that a focus needs to be on controlling access to guns by criminals and the mentally ill. Without security protocols in place, we will have no check on access to weapons by those who, most agree, should not have them.” said Andersson. “I want to make sure that our schools don’t become weapons manufacturers,” said Andersson. “This bill is the result of bipartisan collaboration, and presents a proactive approach to safety. By establishing a clear protocol, we can prevent guns from being produced and used in our schools.”

We should never wake up to a headline that reads “University student shot by gun made on university printer—no security in place.”

The bill calls for the Illinois State Police to develop a state-wide security protocol for these printers by January 1st, 2019. Such a protocol would then be implemented by July 1st, 2019.

HB 5946 was filed earlier this month and could be addressed in the House of Representatives during veto session starting November 13th.

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