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Veto session in the General Assembly came to a close Thursday, prompting legislators to leave the Capitol without discussing the ever present budget crisis.

While the leaders continue to meet, rank and file members of the House voiced their frustrations about the lack of urgency surrounding the state’s budget.  The end of the regular session brought a stopgap budget agreement, a temporary bridge to fund social services and education through the end of the year.  However, with the end of the year just 30 days away, there is no clear resolution in sight. 

Representative Andersson was one of many legislators frustrated with the lack of discussion and process surrounding the development of a comprehensive budget agreement.   “The stopgap agreement was a temporary agreement,” said Andersson. “There are 30 days left and we must act to find a solution to keep our state functioning and provide for the people of Illinois.   Leaving Springfield tonight knowing how much more should be done for our taxpayers is frustrating.”

Andersson has continually voiced his support for negotiation and compromise and today before leaving Springfield, he again called for action.  “I remain hopeful that we can find common ground and come together to make a comprehensive sustainable solution, and one our residents deserve.”

With many difficult decisions to be made, the Leaders will continue to meet through the week with the hope that a solution can be agreed upon before the close of the year.
Yesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2814, a measure that ensures nuclear power plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities remain running, promotes the state’s future energy sustainability, and protects competitive electric rates for Illinois consumers.

Representative Andersson voted in favor of the measure and voiced his support for the bill, calling it the right choice for the future of Illinois.

“This legislation is about choosing a more sustainable option, and is a step in making Illinois a power in green energy,” said Andersson. “By providing stability and securing the expansion of solar and wind power, this is the best choice to move our state toward improved efficiency through clean energy, while also reducing our carbon footprint.”

Not only does the bill provide for a sustainable future for the state through increased energy efficiency, it also preserves thousands of jobs for Illinois residents. Senate Bill 2814 will expand energy efficiency programs which will drive down energy costs for rate payers while also creating incentives for the expansion of other forms of clean energy.

The bill passed the House with 63 voting in favor of the legislation, and moves on to the Senate for further verification.

State Representative Steve Andersson recently held a 65th District Dialogue meeting with a small group of constituents. Any interested resident of Andersson’s 65th Legislative District are able to attend these gatherings that meet quarterly throughout the year.

The recent dialogue centered on energy policy, legislative reforms, and the state budget. Rep. Andersson was able to discuss current realities Illinois is facing and listen to residents express the affects these have on our community and residents. “Our conversations are in depth and meaningful,” said Andersson. “It is these small group discussions that really help get to the root of our resident’s concerns and help me gauge views on important issues.”

The 65th District Dialogue encourages meaningful discussion on any range of topics in State Government. If you are interested in attending a future meeting, contact Rep. Andersson’s District Office at (630) 457-5460.
Walgreens has launched its annual “Get a Shot Give a Shot” program. For every immunization administered at Walgreens, Healthcare Clinic or Duane Reade, Walgreens has pledged to donate the value of a lifesaving vaccine to children who need them the most. Since the program began in 2013, this campaign has helped provide more than 15 million polio and measles vaccines.

This flu season, Walgreens hopes to heighten awareness about the importance of being protected from the influenza virus, and do whatever it can to help address this important public health issue.

State Representative Steve Andersson is raising awareness about the importance of public health. He recently visited a Walgreens on State Street in Geneva to receive his flu shot and encourage others to stay healthy this season. “With winter around the corner, and colder temperatures coming, it is important to do whatever you can to help stay healthy throughout the season,” said Andersson. “Getting a flu shot is one way to help ensure you remain healthy this year, and doing so at Walgreens is an added bonus that helps those in need around the world.”

Stop by a Walgreens Pharmacy near you to receive your flu shot, and find out more about the “Get a Shot Give a Shot” program.
State Representative Steve Andersson celebrated Manufacturing Month in Illinois with a tour at a local manufacturing business, MAASS Manufacturers of Quality Well Products. The Illinois Manufacturing Association designated October as Manufacturing Month, to give manufacturers the opportunity to open their doors to what manufacturing really is. By working together in a coordinated effort, Illinois manufacturers could meet with supporters to address challenges, connect with future generations, and work towards the continued prosperity for the entire industry.

A strong supporter of Illinois’ business, Andersson was eager to learn more about local production and help support Manufacturing Month in the community.

“I not only want to say I support manufacturing, but show support for local manufacturing,” said Andersson. “Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy. We have to take care of it, promote it, and continue to support it in Illinois. At this crucial time in our state, we must fight for small business and manufacturing to stay here and help them thrive.”

On today’s tour, Andersson learned about specific challenges manufacturers like MAASS face, and how the Illinois climate has made things more challenging for business, including what Illinois legislators can do to help.

State Representative Steve Andersson recently visited Lincoln Elementary School in St. Charles. The Representative was given a tour of the school facility, met with faculty, and was able to sit in on several classes from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.

Andersson, who had recently served as a Principal for the Day at another St. Charles elementary school, always enjoys the opportunity to meet with young students, hear about their interests, and see firsthand how our students are taught. “It was extremely rewarding to be able to witness the education students are receiving and see the hard work educators put in to make sure each student is learning and growing,” said Andersson. “I enjoy these learning experiences where I get to listen to our educators and students to further understand education in our community.”

The Representative began the day early by greeting students as they arrived to school from the buses. During his visit, he led the Pledge of Allegiance, brainstormed Halloween words with the Kindergartners, read a special book to the 3rd grade, and even helped a group of 5th grade students in their science class complete their circuit project.

Representative Andersson looks forward to visiting Lincoln Elementary again in the future!

Representative Steve Andersson recently served as the Principal for the Day at a local elementary school in his 65th District. Patricia Gonzalez Martinez, the Principal of Anderson Elementary School in St. Charles, welcomed Rep. Andersson to serve as the school principal. After getting a tour of the school and meeting the teachers and staff, Andersson started his day by greeting the students upon their morning arrival. 

After the first bell, Rep. Andersson gave a school wide welcome over the intercom and helped a special group of third graders recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Before venturing out to the classrooms, a few of the school’s ambassadors and student council members helped Rep. Andersson understand school policies, student expectations, and their unique roles as leaders in the school. Rep. Andersson was interested to learn their responsibilities, and hear the important work they do on a daily basis to help make the school the best learning environment.

Rep. Andersson met with the entire third grade to discuss state government, the process of choosing legislators, and the structure of the General Assembly. He answered many questions about his role as state rep, including how many bills were introduced in his term. Andersson discussed and defined terms for the students like debate, majority, veto and other concepts like term limits. The third graders were extremely interested in the role of government and the state and federal leaders, and even wanted to know if third graders could run for president.

“I enjoy visiting our area schools to engage with students, and I am always impressed with their eagerness to learn and their questions about state government and current events,” said Andersson. “I always love participating in the Principal for the Day program to meet and talk with our bright young students, as well as the hard working educators.”

When meeting with a joint assembly of the second grade, Andersson discussed the importance of legislators solving problems in the community, and the need to listen to problems, wants and needs of residents in the district in order to properly act for change.

For the kindergarten and first grades, Rep. Andersson read Halloween themed books, and answered their questions about serving his first day as the principal of their school.

Celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year, Anderson Elementary was excited to host State Representative Steve Andersson as their Principal for the Day!