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State Representative Steve Andersson recently visited Lincoln Elementary School in St. Charles. The Representative was given a tour of the school facility, met with faculty, and was able to sit in on several classes from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.

Andersson, who had recently served as a Principal for the Day at another St. Charles elementary school, always enjoys the opportunity to meet with young students, hear about their interests, and see firsthand how our students are taught. “It was extremely rewarding to be able to witness the education students are receiving and see the hard work educators put in to make sure each student is learning and growing,” said Andersson. “I enjoy these learning experiences where I get to listen to our educators and students to further understand education in our community.”

The Representative began the day early by greeting students as they arrived to school from the buses. During his visit, he led the Pledge of Allegiance, brainstormed Halloween words with the Kindergartners, read a special book to the 3rd grade, and even helped a group of 5th grade students in their science class complete their circuit project.

Representative Andersson looks forward to visiting Lincoln Elementary again in the future!

Representative Steve Andersson recently served as the Principal for the Day at a local elementary school in his 65th District. Patricia Gonzalez Martinez, the Principal of Anderson Elementary School in St. Charles, welcomed Rep. Andersson to serve as the school principal. After getting a tour of the school and meeting the teachers and staff, Andersson started his day by greeting the students upon their morning arrival. 

After the first bell, Rep. Andersson gave a school wide welcome over the intercom and helped a special group of third graders recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Before venturing out to the classrooms, a few of the school’s ambassadors and student council members helped Rep. Andersson understand school policies, student expectations, and their unique roles as leaders in the school. Rep. Andersson was interested to learn their responsibilities, and hear the important work they do on a daily basis to help make the school the best learning environment.

Rep. Andersson met with the entire third grade to discuss state government, the process of choosing legislators, and the structure of the General Assembly. He answered many questions about his role as state rep, including how many bills were introduced in his term. Andersson discussed and defined terms for the students like debate, majority, veto and other concepts like term limits. The third graders were extremely interested in the role of government and the state and federal leaders, and even wanted to know if third graders could run for president.

“I enjoy visiting our area schools to engage with students, and I am always impressed with their eagerness to learn and their questions about state government and current events,” said Andersson. “I always love participating in the Principal for the Day program to meet and talk with our bright young students, as well as the hard working educators.”

When meeting with a joint assembly of the second grade, Andersson discussed the importance of legislators solving problems in the community, and the need to listen to problems, wants and needs of residents in the district in order to properly act for change.

For the kindergarten and first grades, Rep. Andersson read Halloween themed books, and answered their questions about serving his first day as the principal of their school.

Celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year, Anderson Elementary was excited to host State Representative Steve Andersson as their Principal for the Day!
Today, State Representative Steve Andersson celebrated the first official Gold Star Family Day at the State Capitol. Andersson spoke at a special ceremony in the Springfield Capitol Rotunda to honor veterans and their entire families.

Recognizing Gold Star Family Day in Illinois became a possibility because of legislation Rep. Andersson sponsored in the 99th General Assembly. Andersson’s Gold Star Family Day, House Bill 4389/Public Act 99-0803, was signed into law by Governor Rauner on August 15th, 2016.

At the ceremony, Andersson spoke about the importance of this day for Illinois and thanked the families of the fallen servicemen and women for all that they have given.

“Today is all about the families,” said Andersson. “We stood in the Capitol Rotunda to recognize and thank all of our fallen servicemen and women and especially today, their families. On this special day we remember all of the contributions, commitments, and sacrifices made by Gold Star Families. I was honored to be a part of the ceremony for our state’s first official Gold Star Family Day.”

State Representative Steve Andersson recently held his second annual summer reading party to celebrate the students who completed his 2016 summer reading program, Ahoy Matey. The pirate themed program culminated with this celebration, to honor the students’ achievements.

All PK-5th graders residing in Rep. Andersson’s 65th District were invited to read 10 books of their choice throughout their summer vacation, and send their reading lists back to the Representative. All who finished their reading and submitted their completed reading lists were invited to the pizza party with their families. The students were excited to speak with Rep. Andersson about their favorite books, and even helped read “The Pirate That Said Please,” with the Representative.

“Each year this program seems to get bigger and it is great to see these young students so excited to read and celebrate their accomplishments,” said Andersson. “I hope to see the program continue to expand, and I look forward to next year’s program.”

After his recognition of the students’ achievements, Andersson addressed the importance of summer reading, and how he hopes this program will continue to motivate students to read and learn throughout the summer months. Studies have shown that reading in the summer months has positive effects on children’s learning, and helps prevent any learning loss during the summer break. Andersson’s successful program is just one way to help urge area students to read throughout the summer in a fun way.

State Representative Steve Andersson was recently awarded the Guardian of Small Business Award by the National Federation of Independent Business in Illinois (NFIB). Serving as the voice of small business, the NFIB has over 11,000 small business members in Illinois, all of whom count on state legislators to make for a healthy small business environment.

The designation of Guardian of Small Business was given to Illinois legislators based on key small business votes taken in the 99th General Assembly. Every two years state legislators are given a score based on their votes related to small business matters. In order to earn the Guardian distinction, a legislator must score 80 percent or better on the NFIB voting record.

Andersson, a strong supporter of small business, serves on the Small Business Empowerment and Workforce Development Committee in the House. “I am honored to receive the Guardian of Small Business Award,” said Andersson, who scored a 100% on the NFIB voting standard. “I am looking forward to continuing to protect and promote the well-being of the small business community in the 65th District and throughout Illinois.”
Representative Steve Andersson recently held his first Senior Spelling Bee competition at The Homestad Senior Living Community in Batavia last week, followed by Edgewater Del Webb in Elgin, and Sun City Del Webb in Huntley on September 13th.

Andersson is hosting spelling bees at five senior residence communities throughout the 65th District, with 2 more taking place this week and next. The first, second and third Bees each had impressive turnouts, and all competitors were eager to compete for the spelling bee title at their residence. The top 3 competitors from each of the Bees will then be invited to a final competition to crown the top senior speller in District 65! Residents enjoyed the fun, the comradery, the goodies, and the prizes for the top 3 spellers! A good time was had by all!

September has been named Healthy Aging Month by the Illinois Department on Aging to recognize the importance of healthy living and healthy aging. Holding these events is one way Rep. Andersson hopes to encourage social and engaging activity amongst area seniors, while also promoting health and overall wellness. “The first spelling bees have had great turn outs, with excellent participation. Helping encourage social engagement and connect the various senior communities in one competition together is something I believe can help foster a greater sense of community, accomplishment and fun in a challenging but social manner.”

The 2 remaining Bees will be held at the The Carillon at Cambridge Lakes in Pingree Grove on September 14th, and Carriage Oaks in St. Charles on September 21st.

The term ‘Gold Star Family’ was first coined after World War I.  Americans would fly a flag in their windows bearing blue stars for every family member serving in the military. The star would be changed to gold for any family members lost in the war.

To this day, Gold Star families are still remembered throughout the country for the sacrifice: losing one of their immediate family members during their time of military service.

While Gold Star families are not a formal organization, several organizations emerged over the last decade representing Gold Star family members. Having an official day to honor the families who gave the ultimate sacrifice is extremely important in giving unified support for the entire family that has given so much to protect and serve our country.

Today, House Bill 4389 was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner, establishing Gold Star Family Day in Illinois. This day will serve as a remembrance and recognition of the entire family of servicemen who died serving their country. It is an extension of Gold Star Mother’s Day and will be observed in Illinois the day after Gold Star Mother’s Day, which is the last Sunday of September each year.

Representative Steve Andersson was proud to have his bill officially signed into law by Governor Rauner, giving military families the honor and recognition they truly deserve here in Illinois and across the country.

“Losing an immediate family member in wartime is extremely difficult,” said Andersson. “This designation serves to honor the ultimate sacrifice the entire family makes for the country. No one has given more than the Gold Star families who have lost their loved ones.”

Several other states have a designated day to observe Gold Star Family Day, and this law ensures the day will also be recognized in the State of Illinois.