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State Representative Steve Andersson recently celebrated the close of his fourth annual summer reading program. Rep. Andersson has hosted a summer reading program every year to help encourage students to read and learn throughout the summer months. This year’s program, DREAM BIG, READ! drew another impressive turnout.

PK - 5th graders were invited to read 10 books over the summer. Readers sent in their reading lists and were then were invited, along with their families, to a special celebration.

This summer’s program drew over 50 participants from Rep. Andersson’s 65th District. The Representative welcomed his summer readers and their families to a celebratory pizza party to recognize their accomplishments.

“It's always a fun event,” said Rep. Andersson. “Some of these kids have been with me for 4 years, and it has been so fun to watch them grow!”

The party also featured a magic show from Don "Wand" Bothwell. Rep. Andersson read the book, "Happy Dreamer" and presented each reader with a certificate of congratulations, as well as a goody gift bag.

It was a great night and everyone had a wonderful time!

State Representatives Steve Andersson and Anna Moeller recently held a roundtable discussion on mental health.

The roundtable was part of a discussion series started by the Kennedy Forum, which encourages community conversation on topics in mental and behavioral health. The Forum was founded in 2013 and is focused on advancing the current ideas, policies, and programming to improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness and addiction, and promote behavioral health for all. Hosting discussions is one initiative the Forum encourages to engage the mental health community and move forward toward meaningful solutions.

Andersson and Moeller centered their discussion on mental health, to talk about what more can be done to decrease the stigma around mental health and better provide for those dealing with mental health issues.

The event brought out a crowd of area service providers, educators, students and residents.

Representative Andersson has been a strong supporter of mental health both in the local community and legislatively in Springfield.

“While addressing mental health has improved over the years, there are still major gaps and deficiencies where we can advance,” said Rep. Andersson. “Everyone is somehow connected to mental health—through a personal experience or someone they know. If we talk about it and continue to make strides to limit the stigma around it, it will help.”

To learn more about the Kennedy Forum and their resources click here.

State Representatives Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) and Anna Moeller (D-Elgin) are hosting a discussion on mental health at the Gail Borden Library in Elgin.

The roundtable event will be on September 18th from 10:00-11:00 am. It is free and open to the public.

The Representatives’ event is part of the On The Table Discussion series, which has been held around the State by various lawmakers interested in addressing mental health issues. The discussions are meant to foster conversation about mental health and addiction, to help lessen the stigma that surrounds it.

Representative Andersson has been a strong proponent of mental health, and feels this discussion group is a great way to make progress in mental health awareness.

“There is an unfair stigma surrounding mental health, and because of that, it often isn’t talked about,” said Andersson. “To make progress in the area of mental health, we first must break the stigma, so we can move forward to finding solutions. I hope this discussion series helps break that barrier, so we can help those that need it in our community—and in Illinois.”

Representatives Andersson and Moeller encourage anyone in their Districts to come join the discussion, to listen, learn, and share their input on mental health.

With questions about the event, contact Rep. Andersson’s District Office at (630) 457-5460.

Every year Representative Andersson produces a Legislative Newsletter to give a summary of what was accomplished in the 65th District community, and in Springfield.

Click here to access the 2018 newsletter. 

State Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) recently filed legislation to establish a security protocol for three-dimensional printers in public places. The bill, HB 5946, will require the State Police to create such a safety protocol for three-dimensional printers in public libraries, public elementary and secondary schools, community colleges, public universities and state agencies.

With plans now publicly available that make 3D printers capable of printing guns, the public access to these printers is a safety and security issue for public places like schools and libraries. Rep. Andersson filed the bill to make sure that safety is a priority, especially due to recent school shootings. 

“It has always been my position that a focus needs to be on controlling access to guns by criminals and the mentally ill. Without security protocols in place, we will have no check on access to weapons by those who, most agree, should not have them.” said Andersson. “I want to make sure that our schools don’t become weapons manufacturers,” said Andersson. “This bill is the result of bipartisan collaboration, and presents a proactive approach to safety. By establishing a clear protocol, we can prevent guns from being produced and used in our schools.”

We should never wake up to a headline that reads “University student shot by gun made on university printer—no security in place.”

The bill calls for the Illinois State Police to develop a state-wide security protocol for these printers by January 1st, 2019. Such a protocol would then be implemented by July 1st, 2019.

HB 5946 was filed earlier this month and could be addressed in the House of Representatives during veto session starting November 13th.
HB4594 was signed into law by Governor Rauner, which updates the State’s system of criminal court fees to make the fee structure for criminal and civil court cases more manageable.

Representative Andersson (R-Geneva) sponsored the bill to make the necessary changes to improve our criminal justice system. HB4594 makes three important changes to the fee structure: it makes all fees consolidated to unified schedules, it realigns fees so that they comply with the Illinois Constitution, and it allows for waivers for low income individuals who are unable to pay such fines.

“It is a complete rewrite of how fees are assessed in all state courts in Illinois,” said Andersson. “In recent years we have built the court system on the backs of litigants in court. It was so out of control that the fees were often far more than the actual fines. This is about true justice and we just made a huge difference in that.”

Andersson has worked on this legislation since he began his tenure in the House. Through his collaboration with retired State Representative Elaine Nektritz, as well as the Illinois Farm Bureau, the Illinois Trucking Association, social service agencies, the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois State Police, the legislation has received wide support.

Due to the complex nature of the legislation, a sunset clause was included that will allow the issue to be reassessed in 2020 to ensure the changes made are making the proper impact.
(Springfield, IL) - The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) released its 2018 Environmental Scorecard this week. Representative Steve Andersson has been honored with a perfect voting record. A total of 61 state representatives received an award for their voting record during the 2018 legislative session. 

“Representative Steve Andersson demonstrated a commitment to environmental issues in Springfield this session,” said IEC Executive Director Jen Walling.

The 2018 Environmental Scorecard included numerous legislative measures. Specific priorities from the Scorecard include:

SB2298: Industrial Hemp Act

○ This bill brings new opportunities to farmers as well as benefits to soil by opening new initiatives for sustainable agriculture.

SB2773: Renewable Energy Financing

○ This measure enhances the property-assessed clean energy (PACE) program by allowing Illinois to help communities access fund for clean energy projects.

HB4790: Use of Compost

o This legislation increases the use of compost in transportation projects and helps create a market for compost use in Illinois.

“Representative Steve Andersson voted 100% of the time with the environmental community on nine pieces of key legislation,” added Walling. “The IEC is honored by Representative Andersson’s dedication to Illinois’ environment and we look forward to working together in the future.”

IEC releases its scorecard in August of each year.