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State Representative Steve Andersson recently visited the Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center in St. Charles, to learn more about their services and take a tour of the facility.

Rep. Andersson met with lead physician and founder, Dr. Giambordino, and several key contributors to have a meaningful discussion on the health and the larger scope of the healthcare field.

The Representative enjoyed hearing more about this unique part of the healthcare industry, and gaining more perspective on the future of healthcare in Illinois—and nationwide. “Hearing from medical professionals and physicians who are in the healthcare field was an exceptional opportunity. I gained greater insight on the complex field of healthcare not only in our community here, but also on a larger scale,” said Andersson.

The Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center has over 25 years of experience providing surgical care to area residents. The center offers same day surgery across a wide variety of specialties. They pride themselves on their expertise of their respected surgeons who utilize advanced technology to provide personalized care. Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center is extremely patient-focused and holds a hassle free environment to further put patients at ease throughout their visits. They strive to provide the highest quality care that is sometimes lost in larger hospital settings.

The surgical center specializes in short stay surgeries, and short-stay care. Because of their specific focus of medicine, they are able to increase the level of individual attention on each patient. They offer patients convenience, comfort, and cost effect alternatives to hospitals.
State Representative Steve Andersson was back in the classroom this week to meet with students studying government at Batavia High School. He spent time speaking to two different classes about the nature of the legislature in Springfield, and the role of a State Representative.

Visiting schools and talking with students has always been important to Rep. Andersson, to help provide students with added insight into state government—especially while they are studying it in school.

“Today we were able to discuss meaningful aspects of serving as a state lawmaker, and it was encouraging to hear their thoughts and questions, but most importantly to help create an open dialogue, so they know their Representative is available to them,” said Andersson.

The conversation focused on producing good government—starting from the election process, and continuing to bipartisanship in the legislature. The students were eager to ask questions about all aspects of governing, and the Representative was impressed with their engagement.

Representative Andersson prefers to keep the dialogue going with students, and looks forward to some of them participating in the General Assembly’s Page for the Day program during spring session in Springfield.

Rep. Andersson is pictured with co-owners
Rich Hoster and Phil Cowen.
State Representative Steve Andersson recently toured Smith and Richardson Manufacturing Inc. in Geneva, to recognize Manufacturing Month in the State of Illinois. Representative Andersson took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about manufacturing from a key business within his legislative district: Smith and Richardson is a manufacturer of precision machined, stamped and slide formed parts for the electrical, hydraulics, aerospace, automotive, instrumentation and medical industries. Throughout the day Rep. Andersson met with the co-owners of the business, Rich Hoster and Phil Cowen, received a tour of the site, and witnessed their production in process.

Manufacturing month is important for Illinois, as the state is the fifth largest in manufacturing which accounts for 92 percent of Illinois’ total exports. October has been celebrated as manufacturing month throughout Illinois to showcase the nearly 13,000 manufacturing firms throughout the state—and to recognize the contributions the manufacturing industry has brought to Illinois. This also includes Manufacturing Day, celebrated nationwide on the first Friday of October, which recognizes the impact modern manufacturing has had on our country.

Representative Andersson was grateful for the opportunity to experience a key component of manufacturing closer to home. “This month highlights the importance of manufacturing throughout Illinois, but today I had the chance to recognize the role of manufacturing at the local level right here in the community. To be able to visit the site, and learn more about their production was extremely rewarding,” said Andersson.

“Manufacturing is such a large part of our state’s economy. To see the extent of manufacturing happening right here in Geneva, and the vital role its production plays to countless industries in the larger business community is amazing.”
The Representative was accompanied on the tour with students from Geneva and Glenbard East High Schools, and also met several employees of Smith and Richardson Manufacturing on his tour, some of which gave special presentations on their roles in production.

State Representative Steve Andersson concluded his third annual summer reading program with a celebratory party to honor the students in his district who participated. The program drew students from 23 different schools in Rep. Andersson’s 65th District, who all read at least ten books over their summer vacation. 

Rep. Andersson’s summer reading program has continued to grow every year, and this year’s program, “Super Readers Wanted,” drew the largest number of participants yet.

The Representative enjoyed meeting all the Super Readers at the party, and hearing about their favorite books. Amongst the participants, a total of 440 books were read throughout the summer. The most popular book was The Diary of a Whimpy Kid.
Rep. Andersson was able to read a book to all Super Readers at the party, discuss various super heroes, and the potential super powers desired by this group of readers. Special certificates were also awarded to those who completed the reading program. Don Bothwell, a magician and balloon sculptor, was on hand at the event to provide entertainment, especially impressive balloon designs that were enjoyed by all!

The reading program has been largely successful over the years, and is something the Representative looks forward to sponsoring again in the future!

Equifax is an Atlanta based credit-rating agency that collects personal and financial data on 820 million consumers worldwide. A security breach to their systems was discovered on July 29th, exposing sensitive information belonging to 143 million American consumers. This information includes social security numbers, birthdays, addresses, and even driver’s license numbers. The breach is extremely concerning due to the scope and scale—making it the largest and potentially most costly breach to consumers.

For Illinois, It has been determined that 5.4 million Illinois residents have been affected by the breach. This means their information is vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Credit reporting agencies work differently from other data companies, so even if you have never dealt with Equifax, their servers could still have your data.

Equifax noted that 209,000 credit card numbers were exposed in the breach, including consumers in Canada and the United Kingdom. It is important to stay alert, and monitor your credit card statement. The company has said it will mail notices to those who may have had their credit card numbers exposed.

Information on the breach still continues to unfold, with lawmakers at all levels seeking information and answers from Equifax. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently announced she has opened an investigation into the recent security breach, and has called on Equifax to provide free credit freezes to all Illinois residents.

With questions on the data breach, you can contact Equifax at 866-447-7559, or the Illinois Attorney General’s Identity Theft Hotline at 1 (866) 999-5630.

Equifax has set up a website on the security breach, where you can check to see if you were affected, along with any security updates:


Contact Representative Andersson’s District Office with any additional questions or concerns at (630) 457-5460.

State Representative Steve Andersson had three of his bills recently signed into law.

The first bill, HB799, is now Public Act 100-0473, and provides for advance notice of road detours. It calls for the Department of Transportation and local government agencies to post notice of highway detour locations on their respective websites no later than 10 days before a detour becomes active. This bill will help Illinois residents know before they travel of any detours—so it is clear when and where they will occur. Previously, the state could close any portion of the highway temporarily for road construction, repair, or improvements as long as there was a sufficient detour. This law will now enforce advance notice for any such road deters, allowing residents to easily find information and plan their travel accordingly.

HB2516 is now Public Act 100-0478. It provides a separate award for an adult dependent child of at least $5,000. This bill was an initiative of the Illinois State Bar Association, who found the current law as it relates to adult disabled children to be outdated. Andersson’s bill helps preserve the integrity of the estate for all heirs and beneficiaries, so that the needs of adult disabled children can be adequately covered.

HB2820, is now Public Act 100-0488, and provides uniform regulations for farmers market vendors throughout the state. This bill addressed several challenges facing farmer’s market vendors, as there were different rules and guidelines throughout Illinois. This bill now makes all regulations consistent, transparent, and uniform throughout the state as it pertains to health and safety at local farmer’s markets.

All three measures were signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner on September 8th.